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Premium 3x5ft American Flag
UV Protected SolarMax Nylon, Brass Grommets, 4 Stitch Interlocking Hem - 100% Made in the USA
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About Us
Want to own a high quality, durable flag that is made in the United States? 

Tired of buying a flag that doesn’t last long only to find out it came from China?
If you buy a flag from Pioneer Flag Company, we promise that you WILL be happy with your flag and display it proudly.
My name is William and I want to tell you a quick story on how my family decided to make high quality American Flags for my fellow Americans.  
I took a trip to the Texas state capitol in Austin a number of years ago and was quickly moving towards the entrance as it was 105 degrees outside and all I could think about was getting inside to enjoy the air conditioning. There was a small protest going on for some reason in the front and I had to push my way through to get to the entrance. When I got close to the door I noticed that a ring of people had formed near where I was walking and someone was holding an American flag. Even though the sweat was streaming down my face, I stopped for a second to see what was going on. I felt a cold chill run down my spine. I was absolutely shocked to see that someone was trying to use a lighter to LIGHT THE FLAG ON FIRE! I have read about this happening before but never have I ever seen someone really try to do this. A rage filled me that was hotter than any Texas summer I have ever experienced. If you want to protest something... fine. That is your right and I get it but burning an American Flag is like spitting on every person that has made this country great. Luckily, someone in the crowd grabbed the flag away from the guy holding it and stopped it from happening but I was left standing there sick to my stomach..
I was left trying to figure out why someone would do that. I walked through the state capitol building in a haze and struggled with the fact that there are people out there that would trample on the very symbol of freedom and the values we hold dear… I was getting more and more disgusted by the acts of the protestors and couldn't let it go.. I couldn’t enjoy my day, I hardly was able to listen to the tour and even forgot to take some pictures of the dome inside the Capitol. Needless to say, that experience ruined my trip.
The problem is that people take their freedom for granted and destroy the very symbol that is the driving force behind what makes America great.
And that's when I knew I HAD to take a stand... I believe in America and wanted to do something to show my love for my country… And so that is why I set out to learn what it would take to make a high quality American Flag. I wanted to make it my mission to help people show off their patriotism and dedication to making the world a better place. To give people hope when all they read about is despair. A symbol can change our hearts and bring us together as a community and that is what I see when someone flies an American flag on their home or flagpole.
So I talked to a number of flag manufacturers in the United States to understand what goes into making a great flag and then set out to make our own. We sourced the best materials we could find and are careful to make sure things are done properly. Maybe we aren’t the cheapest flag out there but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and if you buy a flag from us, it’s going to be GREAT! We have put a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears into making a flag we could all be proud of and we hope that when you buy from us that you will fly your flag proudly.
We have officially been in business since 2014 and we want to thank every single customer and American that has supported us and helped us on our journey to making some incredible flags. We take great pride in our work and we hope it shows.
Thank you for supporting an American business. We appreciate you!! God Bless America.

Excellent flag at a great price
By Paul Rodden
The American Flag I received from Pioneer Flag Company was perfect. Excellent construction and made in the USA. We flew it proudly on the 4th. If you're in the market for a new flag, I highly recommend getting one from this company. Superb customer service, quality, and craftsmanship.
Five Stars 
By Gertrude M Perrone
We received out flag in 2 days and was just what we wanted and ordered.
Nice Quality Flag
By K.B.
This is a good quality flag, lasted about a year and a half, which is about what most of our flags last. We fly our American flags 24/7 on a 20 ft pole, so they're exposed to all kinds of weather, and generally start to fray at the outer right edge, and get sun bleached. This flag wore well, didn't fall apart, just normal wear and tear from the elements.
By BlueSkyGal
Absolutely beautiful! This flag shows quality and care in it's production -- it is vibrant in color -- the stitching is spot-on (straight and beautiful)! The flag is a smidge heavier than the one I replaced; however not so heavy that it won't fly in a breeze. I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend!
High Quality American Made Flag 
By Jay Octavarium
We have been buying American flags for our roof mounted flag pole for years, and have only recently considered buying our flags online, where we could browse a wide range of quality and prices (Because flying an American flag over your house should be a little more thoughtful than grabbing the only one Walmart has in stock.) 

In shopping we noticed there were 3' x 5' Nylon flags in every price range, from $9-$90. One of the things that drew us to THIS flag listing was the company's mission statement talking about how it's 'more than just a flag,' and the special UV treatment each flag goes through to help preserve and protect the flag.

Living in Southern California, on the coast, where the winds can get pretty crazy all year round, we have gone through previous flags as quickly as 3-4 months. And, if you own and bear flags, you know that there is a proper way to retire American Flags. We were especially looking for a quality, durable, flag that could prevent us from having to make so many donations to the local naval base.

Our main thoughts on this flag was it's initial 'wow' factor. American made with DuPont Nylon and embroidered stars, it's a very slick, high quality flag, visually. The stitchwork is very clean, sharp, and bold and the fabric moves beautifully despite having a noticeable thickness to it, though I think the nicest thing is the beautifully vivid navy blue and bright red, which I hope will stand up to the California sun, thanks to the UV protective treatment. The grommets also seem really well reinforced, just another nice detail. In all, we'd say we're proud to call this a Made In America flag and hope to return in a year for a new one to fly from our roof.
I am extremely pleased with the stitching
By BamaMama
Since I just received my flag, I can only speak to the quality, not longevity. I am extremely pleased with the stitching, individually sewn stripes and embroidered stars. I attended school in the '50s and '60s and this is what I consider setting the standard for an American flag. This is the way they were made before the imported, printed ones were on the market. This flag is worth the price for the superior quality. I'm proud to fly the American flag in our yard and I feel by choosing this one, I'm showing due respect for what is represents.
50 Stars & 13 Bars !
By Timmy K
Great Product ! Solid construction and made in the USA. Everything is embroidered or sewn into the fabric nothing is sublimated here. Thick and heavy materials that should withstand the test of time and weather while displaying Old Glory on your flag pole! I put this on my house and it instantly lit up the neighborhood!
Fantastic flag thats made in the USA with excellent build quality. If you want a flag this is the one for you! 
By Richard Fearn
Wow, this is a seriously high quality American Flag which in my opinion is the only way the flag should be portrayed. I hate the junky ones from the big box stores that say made in china or feel like they are made out of cheap bedsheets.

This flag is beautiful, perfectly constructed and the stitching is perfect.

The stars are all done perfectly which is a big plus because I have seen some junky flags with crooked stars and just bad quality builds.

The fact that its 100% american made is awesome and the price is fantastic.
Gorgeous and well made American flag
By Traveler
Our flag from the Pioneer Flag Company is absolutely beautiful. I did a lot of close up checking of the stitching on many flags offered by Amazon and I thought Pioneer Flag looked the best. We live above the Rogue River in Oregon and receive strong winds down the river canyon in the late afternoon. Our flag snaps proudly and is indeed very striking. Being retired small business owners, we also liked the presentation of the company offered by Pioneer Flag. I do not hesitate to recommend this company for the purchase of a beautiful American flag.
Much better than "Annin & Co" brand! 
I previously had the "Annin & Co" brand US Flag on my flag pole but after about 6 months it was dull, ripped along each stripe and frayed beyond the point of being able to continue use so I decided to look for a better quality one. I came across this one and liked how each stripe and set is individually sewn. When it arrived I noticed it was made of more vibrant colors and thicker material than my old one and feels waterproof. It has a hole in the top corner and a hole in the bottom corner for securing to a stand up flag pole. This flag is meant to be flown, not hung off of a porch (although, you could certainly hang it as well). My only complaint is that the tag that displays the company name is on the blue and white star part that faces you instead of on the back side of the flag. This baffles me. Overall though, this flag flies nicely and has a nice crisp sound to it when waving in the wind. It is beautiful and very vibrant colors and seems well made. I am happy with my purchase so far and would recommend it for others!
American Made Means Quality, Pioneer Flag Co. Makes It Stick!
By Gunny Jack
Absolutely Unbelievable Quality for the Price!

However, after reading the reviews posted by other purchaser's and the foreknowledge therein, I must say I shouldn't have the audacity to have been as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Upon opening the box from Amazon it immediately Drew me to take a series of snapshots and begin forwarding them to my closest friends with a message of both pride and admiration of the near perfect fit and finish.

I probably shouldn't speak this aloud but I'd gladly paid twice the price for the incredible stitching and Craftsmanship that arrived today. Just please don't charge me double when I purchase my next one in order to prove my point. Ha ha ha...

I purchase American Made anytime it is available and I submit to you this is a value that will make one glad they did. I believe if more people would make the conscious effort to Buy American, our place as the World's Leading Manufacturer would not have been usurped by the cheapest bidders from foreign lands.

Do yourself and America a favor, Buy American Made. I thank you and your great Republic thanks you.
Sincerely and Respectfully Yours in Christ,
...~Gunny Jack
Flag Info
IMPECCABLE QUALITY - Best Selling 3x5 ft American Flag 100% MADE IN THE USA! Quality Materials & workmanship from USA.
3x5 ft - The PERFECT flag size for your home. Display it outdoor on your home, patio or pole proudly!
DEPENDABLE - PROVEN to be a tough all weather flag. UV Resistant Solar Max Nylon from DuPont makes it so you can protect the vibrant colors from fading due to prolonged sun damage . Magnificent embroidery enables you to feel confident that your stars and stripes will be noticed and appreciated when you fly your flag. Sturdy Brass Grommets, sewn stripes & 4 stitch inter locking Hem helps you to feel confident that there is extra protection built in to make this flag as durable as possible 
INVEST in America - Buy our best-selling American flag and fly it proudly. It is MADE for you!
QUALITY WORKMANSHIP – We pride ourselves with making a beautiful flag that you will be proud of. We rigorously test our flags to make sure they hold up in different weather conditions and each flag goes through a quality control check to ensure you get an exceptional flag. 
Best Selling American Flag 3x5 ft MADE. IN. THE. USA. 100% material and labor from America. We are a small family company that works hard to create a solid US flag that is of great quality and lasts as long as it can depending on your weather conditions. Our flag is tested tough! They were put through the wringer and passed w/ flying colors.
We have found that how you treat your flag will determine the longevity of the flag but we worked hard to try and make the strongest flag possible that will still fly in the slightest breeze. It is built with the best materials we can find in the US and we pay our people well to make sure that they are happy and are taken care of. When you buy from us, we will make sure you are taken care of too.
We use durable all weather and fade resistant UV Protected nylon from DuPont, vivid embroidered stars, double stitched sewn stripes and a 4 stitch locking Hem to protect from harsh winds. We also use strong brass grommets to secure the flag to your pole. Will any flag last forever? No, but we did everything we could to make this flag durable and we are proud of our flag.
If you are concerned what size flag you might need, we recommend a 3x5 ft flag. We think it is the PERFECT flag size for your home. Display it proudly! Proven to be a tough all weather flag.  
If you are replacing a flag, please consider taking your old flag to the local Boy Scout troop or VFW post and they will be able to dispose of it properly in accordance with proper flag etiquette.
We know that to some people a flag is just a flag but we are very proud of our product and think that is matches the level of quality that older established brands have. On behalf of everyone at our company and our families, thank you for supporting an American company and small business. Every customer is important to us and we really appreciate you. Thank You and God Bless America.
Please buy a Pioneer Flag today and display it proudly!

Is this flag 100% Made in America?
Yes!! This flag is proudly made in Georgia. We use material from DuPont Industries located in the United States and every single one of our workers are proud Americans. 
How long is the warranty?
We have a quality 6 month limited warranty on all of our flags.
How long do your flags last?
It depends on how well you take care of it. We recommend putting the flag up every morning and taking it down every night. If you know it is going to rain or have strong winds, leave it down to help protect it. Average lifespan for people that leave it up in all conditions could be anywhere from 6 months to 1.5-2 years. A state Judge bought our first flag ever made in 2014 and it still looks brand new 5 years later because he is diligent about taking care of it. 
How do I take care of my flag to get the most use out of it?
Hand wash it with mild soap occasionally to prevent mold/mildew if left in the rain. Make sure your flag location does not allow the flag to brush other objects like the house, trees, bushes or the ground. Take your flag in at night to protect it from the morning dew that accumulates each morning. Follow all protocols for raising and lowering the flag at the proper times. If possible, try to avoid harsh winds salt water. Sun damage is one of the major causes of flag deterioration. We use a UV coating on our nylon material to help protect from sun damage but if you live in Arizona or Florida you will have a shorter lifespan on any flag you buy due to those conditions. 
Is 3x5ft American flag a good size flag for me?
Short Answer… Yes. That is the preferred size if you are flying the flag on your home or flagpole. If you are looking to fly a flag on your truck or if you have a really small/light flagpole (that you sometimes buy as an inexpensive kit) You might want to look at a smaller flag but 3x5ft is the industry standard for the home or office environment. 
Can I wash your flag in the washing machine?
Hmmm.. You could… but we recommend hand washing it with a mild soap. We find that works better.
I want to buy your flag so I can burn it at a protest.
NO! NO! NO! You are not allowed to buy a flag from us. Don’t even think about it. 
Why is your flag more expensive than the ones at Walmart or the Dollar Store?
#1 High quality materials. #2 Made in America by experienced flag makers. #3 Embroidered stars that aren’t printed. You will absolutely get what you pay for with our flags. 
Is this Flag fade resistant?
Yes! We use a special UV resistant nylon material to help combat the effects of the harsh sun. That said, fading will occur to all flags over time but we have done everything in our power to make this flag last as long as possible. 
Can this flag be ironed?
It can but just be careful. If you HAVE to iron it do so on the lowest heat setting as you don’t want to melt the nylon. We recommend against ironing it but it is your flag and you can do what you want. 
How can I tell the real Pioneer Flag Company flags from the fake Chinese copies that are sold on Amazon.com
#1. Buy from us directly or look for our seller name “Pioneer Flag Company” on Amazon.com. #2. We sew in a tag with our name on it to help with counterfeiters. #3. Check the packaging… if there isn’t a big sticker with our name on it… return it. Most of the Chinese counterfeiters we have seen are lazy and don’t do these things. 
What is your Return Policy?
Short Answer is we will always try to take care of you. If there is ever a quality issue with our flag when you first get it, we will make it right. It is helpful to send a photo with the email to customer support to help expedite the process.  Our official Return Policy is stated below: 

We accept returns for exchange or refund 14 calendar days after delivery of the product. At our sole discretion after 14 calendar days, we will offer an exchange or store credit only. Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:

• without showing signs of wear or damage in any way
• within 30 calendar days of the delivery date (after 14 days no returns are allowed)
• must not be a special order or a custom order
• unless noted that it cannot be returned or has a different return policy time period other than that 14 days noted in that item's particular item description.

If an item is received damaged or is incorrectly shipped by us please contact Customer Support immediately. Items that are defective and shipped from us or items that you did not order but received from us will qualify for store credit or a cash refund.

Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it.

Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs if seller is not at fault.

Original sales receipt must accompany returns.

Is this a sliding flagpole type flag or one you clip on?
This flag has two strong brass grommets. Depending on your flagpole you would use the clips on your pole to attach this flag. 
How is this flag made?
We use UV treated SolarMax nylon from DuPont Industries. We quadruple stitch the flag hem for added strength. We use double sided material for the flag header to add durability to the areas where you attach the flag to the pole. Strong Brass Grommets. Each star is embroidered to make the flag really stand out. We have done everything possible to make a high quality flag that will last a long time. 
I already have a flag. 
Well.. First, thanks for being a good American and flying a flag. Would you like another one? Give us a try. Also… You could buy one for a neighbor as a gift or if you know of a returning service member, I bet they would like a welcome home gift. We sell a lot of flags for this purpose. It is a great feeling to welcome home troops that have been abroad and need your support. 
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